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Big Black Delta – Killing Me

Shana Cleveland – I’ll Never Know

Ruby Haunt – River

Janko Nilovic

Square Fit

Counterpunchers – It’s Over (Roy Orbison)


Dan Sartain

Flock of Dimes – Hard Way

Alessandro Cortini

Cemeteries – Luna

Neon Trap

Bella Lea

Denali – Gunner

Ambulette – Underline

People Walk Animation

Olly Jeavons

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Albuquerque

Still Corners – Crying

Puss N Boots – Grass is Blue

Stars of the Lid – Tippy’s Demise

Red Pixel Funnel

Skull Lips

Neon Butterfly

Red Lightning

Nick Waterhouse – Very Blue

Robert Steven Connett

Sevdaliza – Hear My Pain Heal

Laura Groves – Friday

Tiki Gem