Leaving Rouge – There’s Still Good

…was fun to jam again…

Time: The History & Future of Everything

Beach House – Dark Spring


Source: PEJAC

2001: A Space Odyssey – 50th Anniversary

Happy 50th to the best movie ever made.

Animal Lifespan

The Blue Marble

Nils Frahm – Re

Going Fishing

Merry Go Dragon

Cherry Bang

Rusty Tandem

Chadwick Whitehead – Fallt

Forgot I did audio engineering for this a couple years back…

Timber Timbre – Moment

Avner Geller – Overheard

Source: avnergeller.com/illustration/

Clown Puke Street Slush

Cockatiel sings Queen

Kaada – How can this be good for us

Alec Huxley


Posse – Shiver

Jessica Harrison


Orange is the New Bathroom

Bathroom at the New Museum in NY